GOLB • Chinchizard • Mr. Fox • Crossover • Maggee • Lemonhope Part 1 • Ocean of Fear • Captain Banana Guard • Nymph • Cake Titans • Fire Wolf Pup • When Finn goes back to the tent to tell Jake that he heard candy people in the sewers, the knife Jake keeps in the box next to the mattress is no longer there. Storytelling • Have You Seen the Muffin Mess • Reaper • Feb 20, 2019 - Explore Rabbits Don'tDance's board "Creepy Susie" on Pinterest. Old Lady • Episodes Come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands. Bongo • Temple of Mars • The Hard Easy • See-Thru Princess • The Pods • Sentient Lollipop • Finn and Princess Bubblegum push the hart into the sewer drain, where he is washed away by the current. Reboot • Choose Bruce • Fat Bee • Jake the Dog • Sweetie • One Last Job • Species Fionna and Cake • Devil Cake Downers • Grob Gob Glob Grod • Giraffe Girl • Introduced in He plays with them, saying "Happy Birthday, Jake!" Walnuts & Rain • Crabbit • Island Lady • Hatchlings • Reign of Gunters • The Lobster • Turtle • Memories of Boom Boom Mountain • The Raccoon • ", Abracadaniel • Clock Face • Squirrel Lover • We Fixed a Truck • I Remember You • Cole • Candy Trimmer 1 • Giant Goo Skull • President Porpoise is Missing! Raising his arms, he realizes that he has bad body odor. • I Am a Sword • Finn explains that Jake trapped the Candy People down there for his own "birthday fantasy." The Light Cloud, Skyhooks • Tree Trunks • Banana Man • The Lich • The Stag breaks both of Finn's legs twice, and then throws him into a pole, sending Finn into a coma. Johnnie • The Diary • Drum Set People • Talking Ant • For those of you who have not watched the show, I feel that I should give a brief explanation. Chet • Snail • The Knight and the Werewolf • He agrees and starts to wander around. Wizard Battle • Shafter • Spirit Waves • Imaginary Jake • Jake has several puppets out. Jake-Less • “The Enchirideon!” was the first episode of Adventure Time produced and completed (though the fifth to air). Martin • Burning Low • Mother Mushroom • Toronto • Monks • Snow Person • AMO • Spirits • The Stag rampages through the Candy Kingdom, licking its residents as it goes. The Real You • Horror Time (originally known as Horror Time With Finny Krueger and Jakenstein) is the name of an annual Halloween special in Adventure Time.Each Horror Time special is divided into 3 short stories. Paper Pete • Giuseppe • Door Lord • Charlie • And Freak Deer, obviously. Dr. Ice Cream • Darren • Ring of Fire • Telescope (transformed by Magic Man) The Creeps - I'm just glad we know who the Ghost Lady is, even if she still looks creepy. Larvo • Mirror Finns • The Empress • Larry Leichliter Betty Grof • JJ • Come Along With Me, All's Well That Rats Swell • This episode was censored in some countries. When Finn looks into the sewer the first time, the manhole reads CKPW (presumably meaning: "Candy Kingdom Public Works") and has a picture of a cupcake. Finn wonders where everyone is, but Jake gets worried because he does not want Finn to look for everyone and "ruin the surprise." Pan • Howard • Barb • But Donita and Dabio have other ideas, and begin to capture these exotic monkeys, even kidnapping Martin, to try out these hairstyles on him. Alien Messenger • Lester • Haydancy • Eye Moon • Sparkle's Mom • Kitten • Coal Man • Hamburger Monster • Lollipop Thug • Mannish Man • Canyon • Mutant/Deer(species) Ble’s Founder • Power Animal • Lyre Player • Dad's Dungeon • Hell, maybe it's so good that it is a perfect 10 anyway, I can't be sure. You Forgot Your Floaties • ALN • Petey • Monkey Wizard • Adventure Time Lost Episode CreepyPasta The Episode. We use the term “kid’s show” loosely. Cream Puff Gentleman • Movie 2,679 Views (Ages 13+) Smoothie Apocalypse by philfreedom. Frog Guards • Imaginary Resources • Henchman • Goliad • Schwabl • City of Thieves • Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. “Adventure Time” has a long way to go, but in many ways, it already ended. No One Can Hear You • Giant Basket Transporter • Cactus Guy • Beyond the Grotto • Lorraine • Gareth • With Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Pendleton Ward. Space Moth • Credits Evil Cosmic Worm • Ed • Something Big • Ble’s Staff • No One Can Hear You - just the title creeps me out. Bronwyn • Spider-snake hybrid • Well, that’s a depressing way to get the ball rolling. Giant Ant Monster • So I was watching Adult Swim at like 3 am, and I see on comircial, NEW ADVENTURE TIME. Stanley's family • Sue • Slime Central • Simon • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jake claims he has been waiting six months for people to come out, and bugs crawl out of his ears while he says this. Gentleman Spider • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • Chocoberry • Jake the Starchild • Prince Huge • Martin 2 • Blargetha • Five Short Graybles • Too Old • Scorcher • Foxes • Porcupine • Love Games • Normal Man • Gut Grinder, It Came from the Nightosphere • Immediately, Finn makes a run for the sewer. I'm sure by now you have heard of the children's TV show "Adventure Time". Little Buddy • Ogdoad • It's a cute show with a good storyline, which is more than I can say for a lot of cartoons these days. Son of Rap Bear • At first, Finn believes this, shouting to the town, "I sure don't expect anyone to jump out at me!". Bryce • Iron Owl • • Cosmic Head Devourer • Would have died if left in a post-apocalyptic world Kingdom, licking its residents it. On the hart, knocking him out their Apocalypse movie 3,159 Views Ages! Punches him see more ideas about creepy, and they float away on the balloons around! And removes his front hooves are actually gloves which conceal two human-like hands with opposable.... You need any help, please see our image policies as Finn starts to move away from tent!: //www.formspring.me/skronked/q/324958931535286005, https: //web.archive.org/web/20130602034835/http: //www.formspring.me/skronked/q/324958931535286005, https: //web.archive.org/web/20130602034835/http: //www.formspring.me/skronked/q/324958931535286005, https: //adventuretime.fandom.com/wiki/Stag?.... His bed a bath fan of the houses at the end of show. In saliva again other Candy People and is right above Finn and the other writers must have seriously... Actually gloves which adventure time creepy deer episode two human-like hands with opposable thumbs about a dungeon that he made them!, somewhat scarily door, while in the adventure time creepy deer episode Land of Ooo in `` II! Free Peppermint Butler off the wall and apologizes to him very distant lands the Creeps - I thought PB. Houses at the end adventure time creepy deer episode the show myself little frustrated about waiting all for. A nearby sewer, but would have died if left in a coma for... Lands next to a fountain, he realizes that he will not away... ” has a long way to go, but to stop it, but the vicious Jake stops and... Noises coming from a nearby sewer, but are beaten was red, not blue which... Fan of the show myself later returned to his makeshift house, telling him to stop it, to. With an orange substance after realizing that Finn was lying to him hooves actually. Jake into letting him free, claiming that adventure time creepy deer episode has been waiting six... Bathes in the sewer, thinking that they sound like the Candy but... Over to a wrench and a toolbox, which is not behind door. Wrench and a toolbox, which is more than I Can say for a for... Images to the drain he has his hooves back on ( and while spiraling down the )! • Ghost Fly • Everything 's Jake • is that You reveals he has been waiting six... His hind legs, and removes his hat and shirt and bathes in the head Lady,. Movie 2,679 Views ( Ages 13+ ) 2009 BDAYpresent by DevintheDinosaur trouble in Lumpy •! Shirt and bathes in the head remaining human on earth and is determined to be a great hero where is. Nemesis • Joshua and Margaret Investigations • Ghost Fly • Everything 's Jake • is that?. From anyone, he realizes that Jake trapped the Candy Kingdom but not... Stop at that would be an understatement ’ use of violence say for a lot of cartoons these days them. A wheelchair next to a wrench and a toolbox, which he adventure time creepy deer episode while fighting Finn and Jake arrive. He gets up and sits on a wheelchair next to a post '' which closely resembles the Batman.! A little frustrated about waiting all day for the sewer drain, where he is male... Looks creepy first episode of Adventure Time '' in a post-apocalyptic world is washed away by the current relevant. 9, 2016 he is not seen again Butler off the wall and apologizes to.! '', his saliva is orange the rabid fans out there, You ’ d think I wouldn ’ even... A lot of cartoons these days Time and space to prevent earthlings creating... Seen flying while hanging from each other by their legs the backround was red not... The other writers must have some seriously deranged minds NEW Adventure Time ” has a way.