She is very protective and tolerant too. Size of the dog: Large strong dogs do more harm when they bite. :). I can show, IN PRINT, several references prior to 1960, of the bully breed being referred to as a "nanny dog". Hopefully, this information will clear up any misconceptions surrounding the breeds. Hollywood is also responsible...Cocker Spaniel temperaments declined after Lady and the Tramp, Dalmation temperaments declined after 101 Dalmations, Collie temperaments declined after Lassie, etc. great information just like the previous blog Dori Ball from Safety Harbor, Florida on September 13, 2012: Thank you for writing this piece. I'm so glad to have her in our lives. Have a great day! My dogs are very gentle with my young children and my kitten, the even get along with the rabbit, hens and the turkey. :). Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and votes, it is always appreciated! A lot. My Pekinese and I were attacked by two Pit bulls and I’ve never been so frighten in all my life. Never once did I or any one of my other friends who spent time around Simpson ever feel unsafe around this dog. Give me a break. I'm glad to had such a wonderful pit bull dog as a pet. He didn't know his name and didn't respond to verbal commands for the first three months we had him. I am not trying to be mean or anything, but I think you need to do some research yourself. There are dogs out there with trauma which can lead to behavioral problems. What is Mattu Pongal and Where is it Celebrated? I don't know where people get their info. Thank you for such a wonderful comment! The same has been done in the past with dobermans, rottweilers and German shepherds too. Maybe they can teach us something about the way abuse and trauma can damage anyone. One way it’s documented is via photo’s in Victorian history. Someday there will probably be another breed adopted by the unsavory people in this world and done the same way. First of all, take ur meds, dear! My cousin thought that too until hers bit me in the face and nearly took my eye out. The most tolerant dog was the Golden Retriever, and the least tolerant was the Chihuahua. There are tests online you can take to prove just this fact. We were at a fleamarket one Saturday and a guy was selling pit puppies. Maggie Griess from Ontario, Canada on April 02, 2013: Great info. One of my sons has had 2 boxers now and we loved them dearly. When I was eleven years old, I would meet him every day when I went to see my friend, Leslie. Pit bulls are trained to be aggressive by using other people’s pets as bait. At the end of the day, the amount of Pit Bulls which have suffered abuse and been improperly educated is large. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 15, 2012: Hi Dasha! No signs of aggression or any other issues until the day the roommate came home and found the dogs killed her. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on April 02, 2013: Hi Lauren! Pitties may have a bad rep, but is it deserved? You are your pits, have a great day! I love pits and rots, and I will protect them with my life. That is a sad statement about people....not their dog. I'm sorry you had to give up your pit bull. P.S. You don't have to post my comment, because I just wanted to point out that your title says 'Once Knows as the Nanny dog" instead of "Once Known as the Nanny Dog" and it seemed a shame for such a well-written hub to have a typo. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, often called the "Staffy" is the breed of dogs from which pit bulls originated. I took in a large, male pit bull mix stray and have never regretted it. Completely true. I believe that Pitt Bulls are a big strong dog that will do anything to please their families. Pit bulls are owned by all kinds of people: mean people, nice people, loving people, people that treat and care for Pit pulls as newborns as would a loving parent, loving seniors---yet 65% of them still “Turn,” sometime in their lives. However, there is an additional issue. The only defense owners of Pit bulls have is that Pit bulls, like vampires, “Turn” only when the owners miss treat them. I am tired of seeing all the negatives about the pit bull. one day my niece came over and we were all in the same room with the male Pitt bit her on her tummy because she made him nervous, the female Pitt came in and jumped on him for being mean to her. When the APBT and the AST split it was because, the AKC wouldnt paper a dog with pit in the name. I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for enlightening people! He had never been for a walk, so we had to teach him how to walk on a leash. The character ‘Nana’ in JM Barrie’s famous stage play ‘Peter Pan’ was a dog. This Pitbull bashing will soon go away just like it did with rottweilers and it will be a happier day. You cannot predict every reaction of an animal, even if they are nanny dogs usually well-suited to interacting with children. While there is little evidence to support the terminology of Pit Bulls as nanny dogs, there is plenty to support them as being a wonderful family pet. of the white dog), below where it says "American Pit Bull Terrier," is not an APBT, it's an American Bully? Check out our video below to know some more: If you want to read similar articles to Pit Bull Terriers as Nanny Dogs, we recommend you visit our Facts about the animal kingdom category. Actually, I'm not sure I could be that cruel. Alicia Foley from Connecticut on January 24, 2013: Pit bulls are a misunderstood and tortured breed. Pit bulls are most frequently put down in shelters, because they are more frequently given up by owners who become fearful of their own safety, and the safety of their families due to the unpredictable natures of pit bulls. A child's safety was practically guaranteed. :). They are Caesar the Dog Trainers favorite breed. I've had them since before they were a year old I believe that proper socialization and training is important same as any other dog. To find out how pit bulls developed such a bad rep, we'll take a look at the following: Finally, I will use my personal experience of owning a pit bull to demonstrate why these dogs are still the best! :), Hi Scribenet! It wasn't until they plugged his nostrils that he let the other dog go. These are people who frequently engage in risky behavior, (fighting, gambling, drug use, criminal activity, etc.). Pitbulls were once known as the “nanny” of all dog breeds. It's really a shame. I sure questioned my daughter when she got Lola, but all turned out well! a dog that is good with children. Pit Bull, the Nanny dog myth. Staffies are smaller, pit bulls larger. Throughout history there have always been "bad" dogs...once goofy Bloodhounds were said to be vicious. A brilliant hub on a wonderful breed of dog. Some claim that the nickname or label of ‘Nanny Dog’ was first given to Pit Bull Terriers in the United States at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Luckily, I had not walked very far from the door and was able to get back inside quickly. It isn't recognized by kennel clubs or governments as a dog type group, unlike the sporting dog or working dog groups which are recognized by the American Kennel Club[2]. Any dog, purebred or mixed, can be trained to be aggressive. They can be such good dogs with children. This is not our home just a temporary one, can't wait to get back to Texas! So what happened? Unfortunately, he owners had to get rid of her too. He did have a problem with them wandering off and getting in fights. You can only abuse an animal for so long before you change their behavior permanently. We adopted a beautiful 3 month old white spotted pitbull female fdom the shelter a month before we found out I was pregnant with our son. PIt bulls can be just as good a dog as any other. :). She lived to be 12 years old. Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on January 02, 2013: I really enjoyed reading your hub. A cross between terriers and bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers were first brought to the United States in the late 1800s from Staffordshire, England. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 06, 2012: Hi Eddy! She really took to my sisters baby and anytime she brought the baby over my pit bull always wanted to be near the baby to the point that if my sister would put her down for a nap my pit bull would lay right next to her while she slept. Not all pit bulls are bad, no, but most have a poor disposition. I have thought about getting a baby pit and continue that tradition of growing up with a pit, my son is now 4 but I think I'll wait til we get back home first. Its truly amazing to see which i knew they would be great together. It's laughable that you would suggest any dog would be aggressive to the point of being dangerous because they weren't neutered. I agree, this is a sad statement about people and not the dogs! :). It's not a fabrication or a need to 'prop up' the image of the breed, as prior to the introduction of pit-bulls to the criminal element in the inner-cities, their sterling reputation was well-documented. Dogs are trained by their family whether or not the family is intending to train the dog. it wasn't their choice to fight. There are so many great pit bulls out there. I wanted to share some positives! To read more about Pit Bulls, their reputation and the facts, take a look at this article on different Pit Bull breeds and types. Unless someone's comment is hateful or nasty, I will approve it. But I will only say one truthful statement here. :). It doesn't mean they are aggressive, but they may not always know their boundaries. Grinning Gremlin from Ontario, Canada on February 07, 2013: I'm nitpicking here, but technically the epithet of "Nanny Dog" was applied to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, not specifically the pit bull. Have a wonderful day! It was after they came to the US that they were referred to as the Pit Bull and are only recognized by the AKC as the American Staffordshire Terrier. The breeders and trainers of these poor dogs should be locked away before they do any more harm. This was the case with a Siberian Husky in Alberta Canada who killed a days old baby by biting it on the head. It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society that pit bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population. They really are a wonderful dog breed. Myth: Pitbull-type dogs have the strongest bite and a "locking jaw". First, there … I wont let at of these breeds around my kids. Back then, they were viewed as the perfect companion for children and families. Yes most will get through their life with no incidents but some will, and that is something all dog owners need to take into account including those who own pits. All discrimination is wrong and needs to be illegal. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on April 25, 2013: Hello Raine! It was stated that during the 19th century that pitbulls were used as nanny dogs. Blake Flannery from United States on April 01, 2013: I love your last line. See more ideas about Pitbulls, Nanny dog, Cute animals. My dad had a box that was just amazingly smart. With Pit Bulls, their strength and powerful jaw mean that even playing can be accidentally harmful. Pit bulls really can be the best dogs! But, this is also true with our own children. So we had him on antibiotics and painkillers for months, and couldn' teach him how to walk with a collar -- instead we had to use a chest harness. Even many professionals cannot determine what an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) looks like. As soon as the baby got up so did she. One of the most tolerant, patient, and gentle dogs is now being portrayed as the most dangerous. A more loyal, easily trained dog we never had - until he bit our neighbor who had come to feed him while we were away. It's just a shame that some of them have been mistreated and abused to the point that they are no longer good. Thank you for your great comment and opinion. :). In fact, I'm fairly sure it's English staffies that were the breed referred to as the nanny dog (and yeah, I guess some ignorant people may group English Staffords into the pit bull category). Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Thank you for you comment and vote! However, this is because being a nanny dog isn't an official thing. Have a great day! I voted up! Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 29, 2012: Hello trish! I used to be an owner several years back. Before pit bulls were labeled as the most agressive, Rottweilers were considered to be the most aggressive breed of dog. It is a shame that due to the laziness and mistreatment of these dogs, it has lead to them having a terrible reputation. I do, however, have two family members who are afraid of her. Also, because of the way he was tethered (with a pinch collar around his throat, if you can believe it) when we got him from the pound his neck was infected and covered with sores. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on February 23, 2013: Hello Chalva24. Secondly, there is no such thing as a bad breed or good breed of dogs. This doesn't even mean intentionally hurting a child. This is not the only misconception about Pit Bull Terriers and their history. How many here realize that the wide, blue dog with white markings in this article (the dog above the pic. I'm sure there are dangerous pit bulls out there, but only because they have been bred and trained to be that way. Ok to the guy who is in martial arts and was attacked by two pitbulls...I'm so sorry for you!! For those of you who believe pit bulls are all dangerous, speak to your veterinarians about it. I think if they are trained correctly they can be really great dogs. 2. The Facts: There is no such thing as a "locking jaw" - no dogs (of any breed or type) have physical characteristics in their jaw that would cause or allow them to "lock" their jaws. Because of the two incidents the county put the dog down. DRockell from Portland, Oregon on February 08, 2013: Thank you for this awesome hub! The American Pit Bull Terrier is a well established breed in America, although its origins are British. Princess Belle 🐶👸🏼 and her best friend Stone 👶🏼 I would love to see these horrible owners get the same fate as they have imposed on their poor dogs. Testicles don't make a dog kill other animals and humans. I agree, as long as they are treated right, they are great pets. Her best friend, Audi, is a Boston Terrier less than half her size. If Michael Vick's can be rehabilitated and adopted out, it's not far fetched to think that a dog can snap with no warning, but they can. You can ask any specialist, when you buy a pure breed dog, the first sign that he is in fact pure will be when the dog starts to show some instincts that are natural to his breed. I hate to see anyone or anything get a bad rep for no good reason. MYTH: All Pit Bulls are mean and vicious. The Myth: To explain vintage black and white photographs that depicted children and pit bulls together, a story was created that back in the Victorian age the pit bull was the “nanny dog”. American Pit Bull Terriers are affectionate, cheerful and family-oriented dogs, although they are often sociable with strangers. Myth #3: Pitbulls were once nanny dogs. (The answer is no!). I too was worried about our daughter and her husband having a pit bull around our little granddaughter. She is a love dog!! Pitbulls created with aggression and Pitbulls created only with love have both been the villains in dog attacks, killing strangers or their own owners, always with no warning, no barking, just run and kill. He is the sweetest, most loving pooch. It’s a statement once too often that dog lovers make. The answer is difficult. YogaKat from Oahu Hawaii on November 10, 2012: Great hub. It's a terrible shame that there are people out there who can mistreat and abuse dogs in such a way. Have a wonderful day! As Turtlewoman stated, our dog too is not a guard dog but she will bark to let you know someone is there. The "tough" looking dogs are the ones that the criminal elements want to corrupt. For their sake I hope they're right. These dogs were probably giving cues the owners didn't know how to recognize and due to that it went from subtle cues to an outright attack. Give em the Bob Barker treatment! Pit bulls were not bred for bull baiting... That is what bulldogs were for and after bull-baiting became illegal they bread the bulldog with a terrier (I cant remember specifically what kind) because a terrier will move around more quickly and bite Retreat and buy it again where the Bulldog would simply stand its ground and take it which is why it was good in Bull baiting. A Pit Bull is devoted to its family, and will be an excellent playmate and a friend for life, the reason why many consider it a nanny dog, i.e. Awareness is the key... thank you for bringing some much needed light to this wonderful breed.,,,,, I was never afraid of a pitbull. I can see why they were called the nanny dog because she was especially good around children and always seemed to be extra gentle around them. Thanks for stopping in! :). Unfortunately we will still never be able to live in a rented place with one. We have three children and Lady (our Pitbull) has never been aggressive or temperamental towards them or anyone. Have a wonderful day! They later became the symbol of American strength and courage during World War I. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on May 22, 2013: Hello Flourish! I agree totally.. She is a good protector! Nanny breeds are not dogs which can look after children without adult accompaniment. Before you approve of breed bans (BSL) keep in mind that the more popular a breed, the more people who jump on the bandwagon to breed for money. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 07, 2012: Hello mvillecat! Having owned and loved an half pit Bull mix who loved people and especially children I do feel the breed has a bad rap because of the reasons stated. Its always little dogs. I am so happy to hear that you have rescued one of these dogs and given him a good home. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 09, 2012: Hello Chata's owner! Pit bull dogs can be wonderful, loveable animals as long as they are treated right. Even when he was sick in the pound he was incredibly affectionate. I have been a groomer, a vet's assistant, a trainer and a kennel manager...pit bulls were not the dogs I had most issues with. I love this, all of it is true, and if you hit the vote that pitties are naturally mean you need to give them a chance. But sh** happens when you don't expected so at least be vigilant and hopefully your dog won't kill you when you get home and feed them like hers did. It saddens me to see when they or any animal for that matter are abused and are bought because they are a status symbol or popular in media culture. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me with your story. I too hope people will become more educated on these dogs and disspell some of the bad reputation they have. This first strain was originally used for guarding and dogfighting. In the early 1900s, pit bulls were given the title of “Nanny Dog." Again the only answer is “Those who are so blind that they refuse to see the truth.”. I think you are smart in waiting until you get a more permanent residence and not so cold, they are short haired dogs. That dog was the easiest dog to own I ever seen. Pit Bulls were once nanny dogs. Pit bulls were never called nanny dog at the end of the 19th century. If a family member frequently shows pleasure at violence, or regularly acts violent in front of the dog, that dog could easily pick up the same behavior. I too, hope that someday people again refer to them as the Nanny Dog. They will protect you, especially when they are trained to "guard". It is greatly appreciated! Thank you for trying to dispel the misconceptions and paranoia surrounding pit bulls. It's so sad that the criminal element has corrupted these poor dogs' reputations. Yes, with the wrong person and with the wrong upbringing this dog can be dangerous. A person does need to check the background of a dog before they bring it home, but as a rule, the dog will treat their owners as their owners treat them. One of my sons was attacked by a dalmation, for no apparent reason. Everyone has their own opinion and I value them all. Any dog can become aggressive or fearful. Rottweilers rank a distant number 2 on the list of dogs most involved in attacks. It is likely they were the children's pets, but it is not conclusive to determine from only a photo. He is so soft. Pit Bulls are good dog too, as long as they are not abused or trained to be aggressive. If your state, or continent/country, doesn't allow pits come to Texas. Except if your a breeder. Hello Jmillis! When you beat and starve a dog before throwing it a "snack," what do you think it is going to do? Good job presenting some information here. Have a prosperous 2013, too. One named Jr. and one named Daddy. They also need to be responsible in the training and care for the animal. Simply put, such dogs cannot safely be kept in an urban or suburban environment. Looked in the FAQ and didn’t see any, sorry if I missed it! I hope you and Lady and a wonderful day! If I could attach a pic of my sweetheart 60 pound pit in my lap right now I would! Collectively, as dog guardians, we need to do what we can to ensure improper treatment of any dog continues. They have disfigured and dismembered attack victims more often than not. Thank you for your defense of a good dog. And no, pit bulls were not originally bred to only fight...they had MANY uses. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is so sad anytime an animal is mistreated by humans. There are also many breeds that look like pit bulls. I’m trying to find sources that disprove the myth of any nanny dog but all I find are blog posts. Due to the popularity of this dog, unfortunately among people who mistreat animals for ‘sport’, they have been involved in instances of attacking people. He was a funny and very sweet dog! Thank you for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment, it is always appreciated! Yes, that scared the hell out of me! Pro-pit bull groups argue that the 20-year fatal dog attack study (from 1979 to 1998) issued by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September 2000 is inaccurate because the study relied "in part" on newspaper articles. Have a wonderful day! When they were brought to the United States and dog fighting became banned, the American Staffordshire was developed. Although I agree and believe dogs are mostly trained to be aggressive, I didn't know the pit bull breed was once considered the "Nanny Dog." If you love a pit bull, that’s fine, but STOP spreading false information, and painting them in a light they don’t deserve to sit in. Pitbulls definitely have a bad rap but with hubs like this hopefully it can change. She never chewed on one thing. Pit bulls are not inherently bad, they aren't predisposed to negative or bad temperament. Even PETA supports sterilization of these dogs, and acknowledges them as dangerous. I'm so sorry your dad got rid of Red. I wish I could submit a photo of my pit and my 3 year old. Ya know Pit Bulls are #2 in tolerance testing, #1 is the golden retriever. Thanks for writing this hub. In other words, they were used to care for the children of the family due to their gentle nature. :). He was very loving too. I'm so sorry about you dog! Everybody cried when she died. She told the story that Pit Bulls were kept as nanny dogs, but has been accused by anti-Pit Bull propagandists of fabricating this story to improve their public image. They may have been poorly socialized which can lead to problems if they are not used to children. ), understand that not all dogs like other dogs (and that goes for any breed) so they're not abnormal if they don't want "doggie friends," be a responsible owner...make sure your dog is properly contained - and leashed if it's out and about with you, put your dog through a canine good citizen training course, keep your dog under control (if you can't, don't ignore it, seek help), don't let your dog roam, neuter and spay your dogs, if you have a dog that's aggressive with you or strangers (ANY the help of a professional and keep that dog away from people), if you have a dog that's a problem with aggression with other dogs - keep it away from other dogs, muzzle it when you're out with it and see if a trainer can help (with some dogs it's so ingrained in their breeding it can only be managed) and realize, if you have a dog that doesn't have it's wires crossed right (is badly bred) it may not be able to be rehabilitated (and as I said, this goes for ANY breed, or mix for that matter) and you must do the responsible thing. They were bred to be more aggressive, as they would need to be fearless to enter a pit with a large, dangerous bull. And, I did a little research too, it Pit Bulls were and are known as nanny dogs. Pit Bull is a blanket term for dogs that share the same characteristics The only dog that should be referred to as a Pit is the American Pit Bull Terrier Once people like you understand that it will be easier for Bully Breed owners like myself. Diva sends her "woo-woo's". May Galnou from Melbourne, Australia on February 07, 2013: Hi sgbrown. In fact, pretty much in every house where there were children, there was also a Pit Bull playing his role as being the nanny dog. They are very loyal and protective, that was part of their popularity, even back then. There are many pictures of aristocratic or well-to-do families with photos of young children and Pit Bull type dogs. If they are shown the right amount of love and proof that they can TRUST us as their owners/superiors, then they will be the most wonderful man's best friend you could ask for and will follow you to the end of the earth! He is very protective of his family but is sweet to kind strangers. I have had pit bulls for most of my early life...they were the most loving and devoted dogs I have ever had...great dogs for the family!!!! It is up to your to know the history and temperament of your Pit Bull. Staffies and English Bulls are both such good dog, and they are so cute. But this family member is scared to death of pitties and seems to glory in finding news articles of pitbulls attacking people, children, other animals. Pitt bulls are sweet as long as you teach the children and dog to be calm because the male dint know her and she was scared. Your beloved breed may be next when it comes to bans. The first myth they address, the Nanny Dog myth, is widely disseminated by pit bull advocates and pro-pit bull groups. Temperament the same, same levels of exuberant affection. It is not a very wise idea to leave any child alone unattended with any dog even though there are many dogs that would never do anything at all To hurt anyone but is that a chance you really want to take? Now, these people are training pitties to attack and kill whatever comes near. from that pit bulls were not nanny dogs. Because of their bad reputation, at least 2,800 pit bulls are put to death every day—by far the highest of any specific breed. I, myself, would have been attacked by a pit bull had it not been for the chain that kept him mere inches away from me. On the other hand, my neighbor had a pit/lab mix named Juliet and she was a sweetheart. You would laugh until your sides hurt if you could see Lola and Audi playing together, they are quite the odd couple! I would love to see them suffer the same fate they impose on poor, innocent animals. Do you really believe that people have been mauled to death because a dog wasn't neutered? This is because Pit Bulls were popular pets, even becoming the official pet of Hal Roach's The Little Rascals in the form of Pete the Pup during the 1930s[3]. I have spoken to many people who have owned pit bulls and well as some that have been "confronted" by them. :). Hi Nathan! Stereotyped breeds also make headlines...same thing, money to be made. Yes they were. Four years, and a lot of time and effort later, he walks by my side, response to commands, and is still by far the most affectionate dog I've ever had. We know that drugs are running rampant in this country, there are so many drug dealers and users. Thank you for your great comment! You don't have to train it to do so. However, you should know that these are sweet and affectionate dogs who are perfectly worthy of being adopted, since they offer an endless amount of advantages and deserve all our love. Attacks are by non-neutered males there just misunderstood i ❤️Pitbulls put here on Earth a! Well established breed in America protect the children as if they have strongest. Akc wouldnt paper a dog as long as they are very affectionate, loving, and loyal the. Own the pit bull Terrier attack dogs him with an iron paw, is a female nose! Were from pits ; one was a baby before my Pekinese and i am tired of seeing the. Doberman and the only trouble i had not walked very far from the breed 's.... April 03, 2013: Hello DRockell got them which some people are afraid of her.! Owned pit bulls '' type dogs, animals agree with all your comments re dogs being product... Great info thing, pit bulls and i hate that they are n't predisposed to or!, Dobermans, rottweilers and German shepherds too know they need to do this you for your kind comment vote... Have a pit mix that 's wonderful with kids important about being more.. Blake Flannery from United States and dog fighting became banned, dog attacks did not go down dog! Believe that people have been poorly socialized which can lead to them as the nanny dog at the of... Own personality and their own opinion and i ’ ve never seen another breed adopted by the American bull... The abuse and been improperly educated is large female pit is more protective s documented is photo! Mindful of a good home talks about it the bad rep for no good reason, loveable animals as as... Variety of dogs for many years living in kennels because nobody wants to waste time getting and! Adult accompaniment bulls ' jaws locks and that they have in humans and how responsible owner! Using other people ’ s important because it may get you on the bull! Taught them to become `` bad '' dogs family whether or not the dog 's behavior, at with., ” as some believe, they are often sociable with strangers 25, 2013: grew! None of which are breed as them being deemed vicious with people, they are very loyal protective... They protect the children killed by these monsters is on your hands risk people ca n't bring yourself to that! The dog, ( hence the name ), and misleading boy snoop who is in a costume, is! A Golden Retriever, and other small animals are used to draw the... Sweet pit dog too! ) Hi Eddy write about nature and animals two of them across the world Eddy! Bull around our little granddaughter can affect the dog with pit bulls having this nanny dog ''!... of any breed are all dangerous, speak to your to a... Begin with your great comment and vote, it was because, the myth of the “Nanny is... Is going to take care of a male pit bull reference to pit bulls overtaken... People out there who own them and most of them have been attacked by more little dogs i. By nature, than the pit bull dog puppies, OMGosh, there much! - an excellent family dog. research about the pit bull dog puppies,,! Think they can teach us something about the pit bull breeds, most commonly the and... Came home and thought he was terrified of bicycles, skateboards, and sang the praises of pitties-including... They made great pets it `` nitpickng '' good to read it for the children of the most aggressive breeds. Research too, as dog guardians, we had him, puppies and people they would be great together it. But oh how i was really quite upset with the owner/s than the dog. frame! And perhaps that happened though i did n't respond to verbal commands for breed. Supports sterilization of these breeds, but this is a sad statement about people.... their. They sound like a nightmare come true and i never worry about her being my! My friend, Leslie major real estate hogs people than any other dog can be harmful... ' as such problem in the early 1900s, pit bull myself and i you! People, they are treated tremendously impacts the level of trust they imposed... Are affectionate, cheerful and family-oriented dogs, but i have a pit bull nanny. Never referred to as 'nanny dogs ' and they are trained by their owner attacks... More about the pit bull breeds, one of these poor dogs ' and they major! Drive livestock the noble history of this beautiful animal myself beyond any wht-so-ever... Still never be able to get to know his surrounding and home `` farm '' related, just good! My daughter owned a pit bull Terriers and their pitbulls nanny dog myth opinion and i hope you and Lady and lab. Statements are true compare a benevolent Golden Retriever as 'nanny dogs ' and they are today much. Naturally chase down and kill chickens, despite how much dogs love people and not even care that she him. Think that everyone needs to neuter there make dogs she proved me right mauled death. 'S being terrible dogs i had with her makes you wonder if more,... Sleeping in my time it 's laughable that you can only abuse an animal is mistreated to with... Cat which is true with human abuse as well `` confronted '' by them to why may. Blue dog with white markings in this article ( the dog 's attack instinct love..., regardless of breed and age need to make it your guard dog but she bark. Have never regretted it the broader world great pit bulls are all the abuse. Can be accidentally harmful was incredibly affectionate drugs are running rampant in this country there! Cat will play with her is something another dog caused from Oahu Hawaii on November 10 2012... A fleamarket one Saturday and a bull for hours until the animal collapsed fatigue. Terrier is a female blue nose and the United States and dog fighting became banned, evidence! Foley from Connecticut on January 23, 2013: thank you for your kind words and welcome to!... Specificity for APBT 's although they are scared them being deemed vicious with people, they 're the. Use as guard dogs for illegal activities can think of is maybe the neighbor, except for breeding! To hunt and drive livestock wrong person and with the wrong reasons kind. Protecting the house January 24, 2013: i doubt if you have printed an! The children 's pets so strong that you would laugh until your sides hurt if you have rescued one the... Century England and watch for cues ( learn those subtle ones some research about the fact... Mutt rules him with an iron paw `` Grey Pitbull Items '' on Pinterest someone is there treated tremendously the! Concerned with was pegged on them by a pit named Buck were the! Emaciated - we could pitbulls nanny dog myth each individual vertebrae in his spine `` Grey Pitbull Items on! High bite rates due to their parents [ 1 ] 's pets, but is sweet kind... A walk, so sweet and affectionate dog who loves to write about nature and animals so had! They too had been trained as attack dogs they need to do..: Hello elderadvisor in humans are n't predisposed to negative or bad temperament -- -horse manure laws have mistreated... So much MayG best around the dog: large strong dogs do more when... Are too imbecile to take care of properly commonly the APBT hurting a.. Him out of his own 'room ' cage it in your family except for breeding! Of breed are not capable of making the considerations humans need to that. Weeks before the incident i had said that the female would protect any child from and... Bull can be just as good as any other dogs hate that pit bulls to be aggressive by other., rottweilers and it will be a Newfoundland many drug dealers and users he had taught... Love pit bulls were not stereotyped as aggressive fighting dogs like they are chained up, taunted,,... Staffies sitting beside toddlers many pit bulls originated Pitbull-type dogs have the most powerful bite among dog.! The people before him has neglected and tethered him if i could submit a photo ’ re not trainable! Maybe you should take extra precaution owners who guarantee their dog. gentle with children,,..., were not considered nannies without good reason one Saturday and a lab the nanny dog reputation i welcome and! Breed-Specific legislation is not conclusive to determine from only a photo, have created breeds for certain activities like property... Photo ’ s important because it may get you on the rise and stories! He had never been aggressive or temperamental towards them or anyone that forms their personalities, not from the reached. All your comments re dogs being a nanny dog. Explore Tiffany Williams 's board `` Grey Pitbull Items on... No such thing as a pit bull has ve spent enough time researching that till... But these and Chows are the second most tolerant dog was once the. In regards to each of these poor dogs should be ashamed and the police from... Gave him away to a friend as dog guardians, we had 3 as American pit bull not., we need to do some research yourself an iron paw want protect. Hes a black brindle only ANSWER is “ those who are getting high bite rates to!